Brand exploration for luxury shopping mall in HK



Landmark is the premier luxury shopping destination in Hong Kong.

With 200 of the finest couture fashion, lifestyle and gourmet dining experiences under one roof.

As the luxury market expands Landmark offer inventive fashion and dining experiences to their wide ranging audience, from loyal Gen Z groups right through to 1st  and 2nd Generation shoppers.


Landmark was considering new visual territories to engage all audiences.

A variable font proposes a blend of tradition and innovation. 

Tracing the contours of the iconic wordmark we create a complimentary character shape with an endless range of expression.   

3D scanning trending products from the stores combined with playful expressive typography challenge the perception of what luxury could look like in the new decade.    

We’re experimenting with playful relationships between the variable font and interpretative imagery.  

Team involved

W.H.Y. X Landmark X Alphabetical

Involvement of W.H.Y.

Creative direction

Visual Identity



Art direction