London luxury avant garde fashion store



Vertice has an established history since 1993, cultivating relationships with designers to bring bespoke, lasting pieces of craftsmanship to its diverse customers. Every piece is curated with care to reflect Vertice. 

Over time it has tailored its customer service to provide authentic experiences in supporting customers to indulge and discover the story of each designer, each piece while the comfortable and welcoming environment encourages the customers to use their five senses to connect with the distinctive, artistic avant garde pieces with ease.


The company owner always feels herself belonging to the past, but living at the moment, so a new identity is created based on time and space. The idea is called the evolving of spatial continuum. We connect different time frames on the same space to create a sense of collection of moments on the same image. 

A programme from Processing is also created to help capture an interesting moment of image folding in the same space.

Team involved

W.H.Y. X Vertice

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