Packaging design for the UK property developer

Rabbit on the moon


Mount Anvil is the third largest UK property developer. In recent years, there is a huge increase of buyers from Asia. As a long history UK developer, Mount Anvil understands the importance of respect towards diverse cultures, so they decided to create a gift for their Asian client during the Mid Autumn Festival.


The inspiration is a traditional story from China. In ancient China, when people looked at the moon, they tried to associate different stories based on the patterns on the moon, and there is a famous story about rabbits making mooncakes on the moon. The idea is simple and singular to recreate the association of the traditional story on the packaging box of the moon cake. 

The moon on the packaging box is also used as an activation for a rabbit animation on the phone. 

Team involved

W.H.Y. X Mount Anvil

Involvement of W.H.Y.


Packaging design


AR experience