Rebrand one of the most famous supercar in the world



One of the most luxurious supercar brands in the world. McLaren is best known as a Formula One constructor, the second oldest active team, and the second most successful Formula One team after Ferrari, having won 183 races, 12 Drivers’ Championships and 8 Constructors’ Championships. 


McLaren has a very successful business and appealing brand experience externally. However, their employees and internal brand are not experiencing the same. Their employees lack a sense of belongings and are depressed towards their work. From their existing brand guidance, we had never seen any photography of their employees. Thus, in this rebrand, we would like to bring the spotlight back to them. 

A new photography style is created to bring a non-corporate tone for the internal brand. A new ‘white boundary’ framing device is introduced to give an exclusive and prestigious expression for each individual employee to indicate their importance to the company.