Branding luxury property in West London

Lyons Place


A new residential development centred in an area of West London celebrated for its craft and manufacturing. From spitfire production and instruments for Bentley motor cars in years gone by to bespoke perfumers, leather workers and jewellery designers today. The streets surrounding Lyons Place have making and crafting in their lifeblood.


50 products and materials were researched and sourced once manufactured in the streets surrounding Lyons Place. The objects were arranged with a selection of materials from the interior design palette to create a series of 3D sets mapping the buildings and streets surrounding Lyons Place, including Regent’s canal which runs adjacent to the new property development.

The creation and photography of 3D sets of the area using the products and materials allows the spirit and identity of the area to shine through in a genuine and authentic way.

The branding signifies the future of the area by celebrating its past.