Rebranding power station in the UK



Drax is the owner of the largest, cleanest and most efficient coal-fired power station in the UK, responsible for generating 7% of the country’s electricity. It is the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable power, fuelling our generators predominantly with biomass.

With the new strategy of ‘Powering Tomorrow’, a fresh identity reflecting their direction is essential.


In this rebrand, the heart of the identity is their new logo that is designed to represent how the three areas of their business (making, generating and selling) all work together to create the whole Drax offering. It does so in a style that echoes mathematical infinity symbolism, underpinning the sustainability agenda which Drax leads. It is coloured with a vibrant palette which represents energy, vision and balance. 

Team involved

W.H.Y. X Drax X Radley Yeldar

Involvement of W.H.Y.

Creative Direction

Visual Identity

Train Design